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Dryer Section Rebuilds

The dryer section plays an important role in paper machine operating efficiency, energy consumption and product quality. Accordingly, dryer section optimization is a high priority. In the area of dryer section control there is much room for improvement. There are often no supervisory strategies in place to manage the drying load, respond to sheet breaks, optimize energy efficiency and deal with the fundamental non-linearities in the dryer loops.

The sheet is at its weakest as it leaves the press. The addition of extra drying cylinders to a machine can dramatically increase the production capacity. We have designed innovative dryer section solutions that add dryers without having to move other equipment. Our rebuild will stabilise the sheet, give rise to fewer breaks and ultimately allow higher machine speeds.

Our Design gives :

  • Extra drying with minimum disruption.
  • Shrinkage restraint at the optimum dryness location.
  • Positive tail threading.
  • Improved broke handling.
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